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I am a Westphal College of Media Arts & Design, Drexel University graduate. I have a major in Graphic Design and minors in Interactive Digital Media and Fine Arts. I have had over 3 years of various experience both abroad and locally. I excel in marketing, branding, and web design; however, having a "versatile style" is my characteristic.

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I come from a large family based in Giza, Egypt. I have always been interested in arts and sciences. I was accepted in one of the international STEM boarding schools in 6th October, Egypt. I participated in a team of 4 to receive 5th place in the annual NASA space apps challenge Egypt 2016. After discovering my passion for design and solving visual problems, I improved my skills in creativity and visual identities. Later on I won 3rd place in the national INTEL ISEF 2018 held locally.

I spent weekends away from school getting certified in Adobe programs through an intensive 6 months course. Upon completion, I developed a strong sense of solving visual challenges & different design styles. Being in an academically disciplined boarding high school, peer to peer tutoring was encouraged due to the advanced curriculum and language barriers as well.

I decided to have sessions twice a week where I meet with students and share my knowledge in basic design processes. Until this year, design courses are being collaboratively taught in my school. I decided to shift my focus towards design and visual problem solving after developing my skills over the course of 2 years. I was able to afford enrolling in Drexel University, Westphal College one of the top 10 schools in the US through a portfolio scholarship.


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I'm always looking for new opportunities to improve and uplift myself and my environment. Let's connect.

810 - 210 - 6115

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